Faculty Development Program(FDP)

The Program aims at enhancing the academic and intellectual environment in the Institutions  by  providing  faculty  members  with  enough  opportunities  to  pursue research and also to participate in seminars / conferences / workshops. Participation in such program would enable faculty members to update their research and pedagogical skills.

About Faculty Development Program:

The programs focuses on enhancing functional area expertise improving one’s classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer enhancing abilities for conducting meaningful research.
It is going to be a pioneering conference to bring together all renowned experts from the discipline of education. It is an initiative in the process of emerging needs of school education and services. This initiative shall be of great benefit for HODs, Senior Faculties & educationalist to participate and exchange the valuable thoughts in the process of evolving effective strategies towards engineering student’s skill development.

Benefits of Faculty Development Program(FDP) with us:

  • Make your Faculty Skilled In Latest Technologies

In the recent past, many new technologies have been introduced in the education system to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Learning these technologies is not accessible due to their interdisciplinary nature and non-availability in the engineering syllabus. Thus hiring a PWS expert for faculty developing a program for engineering can be the best option to train your faculty member with these technologies.

Our expert is a professional who knows their job thus provides proper and sufficient knowledge about these technologies. To book your Faculty development program for an engineering college, visit our website or call at our toll-free number.

  • Help You To Integrate More Technology Onto Their Teaching

Several studies suggested that the introduction of new technology in teaching makes the education more innovative and creative for the students. But it is not easy to introduce new technology in the study due to the machine interdisciplinary.

But providing proper knowledge to your teacher can make this easier. Thus hire an expert at PWS and make your teacher expert in the latest machine terminology.

  • To Orient Your Faculty to Institution’s Objective and Vision

Your faculty members need to refresh their mind by going back to their learning days. All the institutes have their objective, vision on innovation, integration of technology, and collaboration of mind. And your institution teachers and faculty members should be reminded about these more often so that they can help the management to achieve their goal.

And organizing faculty training programme provides all of them a common platform where they can integrate with other faculty members and higher management officials and collaboration. Doing this will change the mindset of the teachers and faculty members, which can be beneficial for the institution to achieve its goals and objectives.

  • Helpful To Expand The Faculty Role

The teacher is not only needed for teaching and delivering knowledge. The faculty member’s contribution is much more than this to make an institution the best place to achieve a degree. All the faculty members must introduce innovative and R&D approaches within their department to increase the standard of education.

 For this, most of the engineering colleges organize various faculty development programs, and PWS helps them in organizing the best and appropriate faculty development program for engineering college. Our expert professional is expert in new and advanced technology; thus, the knowledge your faculty member gets during faculty development program will motivate them to teach the student in a more innovative way this will increase your institution study standard.  Organizing faculty development program will guide you faculty member’s to take responsibility to make the study more innovative and creative.

  • Will Help Your Faculty Members To Find Right Work Balance

With the squeezing academic schedule between lecture, laboratory, and examination, most of the faculty members find it very difficult to balance all of them. But with the help of the faculty development program, an institution can help them to establish a perfect balance. This will increase the innovation and creativity in the teaching ability of the faculty members. But for this, you need to hire a professional faculty development program organizer, and here at PWS with having more than one decade experience, we are the best option of the various engineering, management, and other institution. For hiring the PWS faculty development program for Management College, you can call us at helpline number. 

About Faculty Development Program(FDP):

Participation in such program would enable faculty members to update their research and pedagogical skills.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Faculty from Engineering Colleges (Preferred Streams : Computer/IT/Mechanical),Computer Science (MCS/MCA)
  2. HOD of any stream is eligible to participate in the session.

Flow of Event

  • Registration
  • Welcome of all the delegates
  • First session
  • Tea and Networking
  • Second Session
  • Lunch Break and Networking
  • Closing Remarks
  • Distribution of Certificates