Services We Offer :

Project Consultation

Project consultation services to the final year students of Engineering Degree, Diploma, Post graduates:

Final year engineering projects allow you to explore and enhance your fundamental understanding by applying theoretical principles into practice.

It’s an opportunity for students to show-off their skills by working on unique projects that boost their resume and increase their chances of getting selected in job interviews. students who not-only complete engineering projects but also learn from them stand out as productive engineers.

PWS offers project consultation to the engineering students and provides most creative and innovative computer, IT and Mechanical engineering projects which also include the implementation of IEEE research papers.

We are specialized in machine learning domain & provide a wide range of projects with real world applications.

We provide FEA projects with wide variety of product domains & analysis methods.

We also provide Data Science & Machine Learning projects with all the necessary tool trainings & code explanation to the Mechanical Engineering students.

Our students work with us in developing END to END Machine Learning Projects with DEPLOYMENT in the form of WEB APPLICATION on cloud.

Machine learning which is a subset of artificial intelligence has changed rapidly over the past few years. In the area of technology, boundaries of machine learning are constantly being pushed.

We provide projects on the following sub domains of artificial intelligence:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Computer Vision.

Our students work with us in developing end to end machine learning projects with deployment in the form of web application on cloud.

Students can get confidence and take pride in the subject matters with learning & developing the machine learning projects.

This practical knowledge will come in handy during job interviews and have a lasting impact on students’ careers in the corporate world.

Project Domain:
  • Machine Learning.
  • Deep Learning.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Computer Vision.

Our Features

Expert Team :

We are a team of Innovative аnd ѕkіllеd software dеvеlорmеnt еxреrts.We provide Excellent quality of projects with full guidance and support

IEEE paper implementation :

we provide research oriented projects with IEEE paper implementation.

Supportive Documents:

We provide all the supportive documents needed for the projects like code, report, PPT, reference material etc.

Offline/Online support:

We provide both online and offline support.You can either visit our office or avail online consultation.

Amazingly responsive support:

Our team focuses on giving 100% time and support to the students.

Knowledge sharing:

You shall receive all the relevant training notes & reference documents related to your project. This will help you to learn the key concepts in machine learning.


Our faculty experts will teach you how to present your project in front of your guide & during the interviews.
If you are interested to work on your final year project with us, you can get in touch with us on mentioned contact details.

Project Portfolio:





Heart Disease Identification Method Using Machine Learning Classification in E-Healthcare

Machine Learning


Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Crop Recommendation system based for Indian Agriculture using Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Employee Attrition Prediction using Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Credit card fraud detection using Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Prediction of Concrete Compressive Strength Using Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Analysis and Prediction of Stroke using Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning


Airline Fare Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning


Disease prediction system based on the symptoms Using Machine Learning

Machine Learning


Primary Stage of Diabetes Prediction using Machine Learning Approaches

Machine Learning


Mechanical Properties prediction system for low alloy steels Using Machine Learning approach

Machine Learning