Services We Offer :

Data Science and Machine Learning

Data science is the process of building, cleaning, and structuring datasets to analyze and extract meaning. It’s not to be confused with data analytics, which is the act of analyzing and
interpreting data. These processes share many similarities and are both
valuable in the workplace.

At PWS we use Data science techniques to gain knowledge about behaviors and processes, write algorithms that process large amounts of information quickly and efficiently, increase security and privacy of sensitive data, and guide data-driven decision-making.

In a business world with no shortage of data, knowing how to make sense of it, the terminology used to navigate it, and ways to leverage it to make a positive impact on your business. Here’s a primer on what data science is and how you can use it in business. Businesses are capturing the data right from the start of operations to after sale support. This includes all the data from catchment area analysis ,demographics, in-store football ,displays, eyeball tracking, heatmaps, movement tracking ,multiple customer touch points, supply chain and other complementary functions of the business.  

Data Science techniques can be harnessed for:

  • Improved marketing ROI
  • Enhanced conversion measurement
  • Personalized promotion based on transaction history
  • Effective category management
  • Improved demand planning accuracy
  • Efficient supply chain and inventory management
  • In-store operations optimization
  • Improved staffing solutions

Web Development

PWS offers Web and Application Development in services. Our product is designed in such a way to respond and look very well on all devices like mobile, tablets, and desktop. We implement creative ideas with amazing user experience to deliver excellent Web & applications to consumers.

1.Website Development

PWS offers website development services to understand your requirements in much better way. Thus, we can provide you with the most desired solution.

2.Ecommerce Development

Today, people prefer to go for online shopping rather than heading to street shops and shopping mall. Online shopping is a nutshell, why don’t you show up and sell your products on a custom build E-commerce website portal. It’s an amazing source to increase your sales. PWS can perfectly develop customize e-commerce site.

Android Application Development

PWS offers end-to-end android app development services offering services spanning the entire life cycle, from ideation, to design, development and maintenance. If you are planning for an Android app development, but have less knowledge in this field and need someone to guide you, we can help. Whether you are in the initial stages of figuring out the idea, planning or already have a plan of action ready, our consultants can design the best solution for you. Your application needs to be supported by a robust platform that can not only handle the changing needs of your consumers but can also support your company in the near future.